How to Create Backlink

What is Backlink ? How To Create Backlink For Website 2021


Hello Everyone , I am Amit Panta , In This Post In am going to Discus about what is backlink and How you can Get high quality Back Link For Your website. We Need to Know That Own Unique Content is Main Point For SEO But Most Of we believe In Back Links so let’s Discus about Backlink in Simple Way.

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  • What is Backlink
  • Two Types of Backlink
    1. Do-Follow
    2. No-Follow
  • How To Get Backlink
    1. Direct Backlink
    2. Backlink From Guest Post
    3. Backlink From Comment
  • Bad Impact of Backlink
How to Create Backlink
  • What Is Back Link : A Backlink is the most important part of SEO. Every Back Link From Popular website Help You To get Traffic and Rank. If you get Backlink From Strong ( Popular ) Website. Backlink Help You To increase you Trust Value and if you have more trust value than other competitor websites than your website can Rank In Google Search.
  • Two Types of Backlink : There is 2 Types of Backlink which call Do-Follow and No-Follow. From Most of the website we get No-Flow backlink for website or Blog but Do-Follow backlink is rare to get . For Our Website We need Both Backlinks to for rank our website. But Do-Flow backlink has more value or Impact than No-Flow backlink in Our Blog or Website SEO.
  • How to Get Backlink : There is 3 Different Way To Get Backlink For Our Website or Blog.
    1. Direct Backlink – From Any Other website If They Provide Our website link in his/her website this is called Direct Backlink. This Kind of Backlink increases your website value More thank Other Types of backlink
    2. Backlink From Guest Post : Guest post is most popular Method of Creating backlink . If you write articles or Post for others website or Blog and You Can Give your website or Post Link in this article this is called Guest post.
    3. Backlink From Comment : Comment backlink is Easy to do. but this type of backlink have less value then other backlink, it’s take longer to index and now all popular website close comment with link so only Most of small and Lower Rate website provide this type of backlink.
  • Bad Impact of Backlink : We Need to Know That Backlink From Unwanted website Give Negative Impact In Website SEO and Ranking so , we need to try to Get Few Backlink but From Strong and Good Website.

In This Short Post i am try to explain you about backlink hope you understand this if you have any issue about it plz do comment, Thank You, Stay Happy.

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