BBS 4th Year Routine 2079 – TU Routine

Attention all BBS 4th-year students on TU! The examination routine for 2079 has been published. Exams will begin on 2079 Fagun 10 and end on 2079 Fagun 19. Please make sure to review the exam schedule and plan accordingly. TU Routine: BBS 4th year exams 2079.

As you are aware, the 4th year is a crucial stage in your academic journey, and performing well in these exams can have a significant impact on your future career prospects. We urge you to take this opportunity seriously and make the necessary effort to succeed.

Kindly note that the routine is final and any changes or requests for rescheduling will not be entertained. We wish you all the best in your exams and hope you will perform to the best of your abilities.

Exam Schedule: 4Yrs B.B.S. 4th Year-2079

DateSubject / Subject code
2079/11/10ACC.-250Accounting for Banking
FIN.-250 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
MKT.-250 Fundamentals of Selling
MGT.-250.Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
2079/11/12MGT-220 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
2079/11/14ACC-251Accounting for Business
FIN-251 Commercial Bank Management
MKT.-251 Customer Relationship Management
MGT-251 International Business
2079/11/15MGT-221 Business Research Methods
2079/11/17ACC-252 Advanced Financial Accounting
FIN.-252 Foundations of Financial Institutions and Market
MKT.-252Foreign Trade and Export Management in Nepal
MGT.-252 Management of Industrial Relations
2079/11/19ACC.-253 Advance Auditing
FIN.-253. Fundamentals of Investment
MKT.-253 Fundamentals of Advertising:
MGT.-253 Productivity Management

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