How To Verify Website On Google Search Console in Nepal

Today in This article i am going to show you how you can Verify Website On Google Search Console . there is two method

  1. Domain Property With DNS Method
  2. URL prefix Method

1.Domain Property With DNS Method

In This method you need to add txt code in your cpanal, just flow this method to verify your website in search console

  1. Go to search Console
  2. At Domain Method add Your Domain Name Without www ( ex. )
  3. Then Click in Continue
  4. There you can get one code
  5. Click in Copy Button And Copy It
  6. Go To Your cPanal
  7. Search Zone Editor
  8. Click In Zone Editor
  9. There you can See Your Domain Name ( ex . )
  10. Click in Manage Button
  11. Then Edit txt where you can see your domain name with txt type
  12. then come back to Search console and click in verify
  13. This maybe take some time to verify just wait and see

2URL prefix Method

  1. Go to search Console
  2. Give your Website URL under URL Prefix ( ex , )
  3. Click in continue
  4. Then You can get One HTML Code Click In Copy Button and Copy that.
  5. Go to Theme editor then find <head> Tag put that code Between <head> and </head>
  6. Then Come Back To Search Console
  7. Click in Verify then Done.

By This 2 Method You Can Verify Your Website In Search console and you can mage it from your Search console account.

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