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How To Approve Google AdSense Account For Website in 2021


Your Own Unique Content is Main Thing For AdSense Approval.

Hello Everyone , I am Amit Panta known as Nepali Blogger, In This Post I am Going to show you how you can get Google AdSense Approval For Your Website Or Blog.

we Know That , Most of The Blogger or website Owner Want’s To Earn Money From Online and there is few way from which we can earn money. Placing Ads is Grate way to earn money by providing free content to visitor. We all Know That AdSense is Number One Ads Company in world , which is run by Google.

Now Let’s Discus about AdSense Approval , First we need to Know That Google AdSense Support Limited Language Website For Approval and If Your Website is In Nepali Word Then Your Website or Blog are not Supported by Google.

Google AdSense Doesn’t Disclose What Exact You Need To Get Google AdSense Approval But I have Information about This , Let’s Learn More,

Google AdSense Approval

What is The Minimum Requirement For Google AdSense Approval ?

  1. Own Unique Content : Google AdSense Main Requirement is Own Unique Content ,If You Write Your Own Unique Content This is Main Point For Google AdSense Approval and This Is also Help You To Rank Your Content In Google Search.
  2. Domain Name : Google AdSense Need Top Level Domain Name In Your Website For Approval ( For Example , .com , . Net ) but If You Use Google Own Blogging Website “Blogger” Then You Can Try With Free with Sub Domain.
  3. Post Content : Create At list 10 Post with  300+ Word Per Article but there is no limit in your word count But Your all Content Doesn’t Required 300+ word , make sure you have good amount of content in Your Website.
  4. Own Image : Doesn’t Use Copyrighted Image In Your Website with other logo or trademark, make your own Image For Post and use at list 1 image per post.
  5. Supported Language : Google Support Limited Number of Language For Ads Approval So Make Sure Your Website Have Google AdSense Supportive Languages.
  6. Website Speed : Make Sure Your Website Load In Time There is no Exact Requirement but if Your website take longer time to open There is problem For Your Website AdSense approval and Google Search Ranking Also.
  7. Privacy Policy Page : You must Need To create Privacy Policy Page in Your Blog or website.
  8. AdSense Account : AdSense Allow only 1 AdSense Account at One Time From 1 Name So create only 1 account.
  9. Website Theme : You Need To use Simple Theme Which is User Friendly and Fast.

There is Few Thing You need To Know Before Apply For Google AdSense. I hope You Like This Post If You have any Question plz do comment. Thank you .

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