Exam Schedule: 3 Yrs B.A.1st Year- Partial-2079

BA Routine Routine TU Routine

Exam Time: 07 AM to 10 PM

3 Yrs B.A. 1st Year- Partial-2079

DateSubject /Code No.
2079/11/01Comp.Ensdish-201/ F.S.C• Eaglish-301/313
2079/11/02N.Geo./14.11uddhist Studies/M.History/MtlaguistIcs /M.Culture-301/311,F.S.Bas lc Films Theoiry-30S/315.
2079/11/03Music//4.14usic(Laht kola) M.Psycholov/History of Arts & Aesthetic(Lalit kala) M. Journalism/M.Dance/M.PoaStudies/RUR.- 301/311. F.SC. History-303/313 New Course; R.D.-311.Rural Dev. Theories and Approaches, Ecomonics.301/311
2079/11/04M.Eoglish/Nepali/Iiindi/Nepal BlishatMalthIli/MStatistics/M.Mataratics-301/311
2079/11/08Coma Nepali / Alt.Eng-201/301,F.S.C.Nepall-302/312
2079/11/10P&Socialogy-Mthropology/M.Philosophy/14.Sodol Work-301/311. Sculp-312.Tech.Theory (New Course)Sa-401 Introduction to Sociology /M.-311 Foundations in Anthropology
2079/11/11K M. Music guitar-302/312. F-Silistory Fiero-304/314 )4.Po/5c-301/311, M.Honse Sc.-301/311
Exam Schedule: 3 Yrs B.A. 1st Year- Partial-2078

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