Class 12 English Model Question 2079- NEB Question 2079

NEB scheduled the NEB Class 12 Exam Routine From 2079/02/16. For Comming Exam In This Post we provide NEB Class 12 Englsh Model Question Issue By NEB. NEB Model Question has been issue For Every Subject by National Examinations Board (NEB). Hope You Like Class 12 English Model Question. IMP – You May Like Those … Read more

BBS 2nd Year Macroeconomics Question Set 2079 with PDF File

BBS 2nd year economics important questions and answers pdf download TU Exam 2079 / 2078 Question By Macroeconomics Model Question 2079 with PDF Set-1. Brief Question For BBS 2nd Year Macroeconomics Attempt All Questions (10×2=20) What is macroeconomics? What do you understand by two – sector economy? In which type of economy Say’s law … Read more

Business Research Methods (MGT-221) | 4 Year | Question Paper 2078 | BBS (4 Yrs. Prog.) | TU OLD is Gold

Group ‘A’ : Brief Answer Questions Attempt All Questions. Define Population and Sample. What Do You Mean By Sampling error? Defferentiate between Primary and Secondary Data. Stare any Four Types of Variables. Define Scientific Research. Group ‘B’ : Short Answer Questions Attmpet any two question from Question no. 6 to 8 and Question No. 9 … Read more

BBS 1st Year Old is Gold – Question Bank 2077/2078

This is free app for all of you now you can fill all TU and PU Question of bbs 1st year from 2056 to 2077/2078 with more model question at one place. All Question is base on TU and PU Exam . All Question are made by expert. list of BBS 1st Year Subject and … Read more

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