Business Research Methods (MGT-221) | 4 Year | Question Paper 2078 | BBS (4 Yrs. Prog.) | TU OLD is Gold

BBS Question 2078 Question Bank

Group ‘A’ : Brief Answer Questions

Attempt All Questions.

  1. Define Population and Sample.
  2. What Do You Mean By Sampling error?
  3. Defferentiate between Primary and Secondary Data.
  4. Stare any Four Types of Variables.
  5. Define Scientific Research.

Group ‘B’ : Short Answer Questions

Attmpet any two question from Question no. 6 to 8 and Question No. 9 is Compulsory.

6. What is sampling ? Discuss the type of probability sampling Procedure .

7. Discuss the process of Scientific Research.

8. What is Reserch Design ? Describe the Features of Research Design.

9. Write a short Note On Any ONE.

a. Validity

b. Reserch Problem

Group ‘C” : Comprehensive Answer Questions

Attmpet any ONE question.

10. Describe the Techniques of Primary Data Collection. Prepare a set of Questionnaire for Collection Data.

11. Describe the Format of The Research Report In Detail.

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