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BBS Question 2078 Old is Gold

BBS 3rd Year Question Bank 2079BBS 3rd Year Old is Gold

Hello everybody, In This Blog Post we are gone a discus about BBS 3rd Year Old Question, Model Question and More Related to Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) 3rd year question and subject. In BBS 3rd Year We need to study 5 Subject, which include: Business Law which is Known as Law, Business Environment and Strategy known as BESM, Taxation in Nepal known as Tax, Fundamentals in Marketing which is known as Marketing and last one is Foundations of Financial system known as Finance. Out of those 5, Business Law & Business Environment are theory subject and Remaining 3 are Numerical subjects.

Below this Paragraph you can get all 5 link of BBS 3rd year Subject Question Old, New Model Question and Pdf File Link. Here we also provide Organizational Behavior Question For Old Course Student which help you for Your Back Paper Exam.

List Of Subject and Question PDF File

BBS_3rd _ Business-Law (Law)

BBS_3rd _ Business-Environment-and-Strategy (BESM)

BBS_3rd _ Taxation-in-Nepal (Tax)

BBS_3rd _ Fundamentals-in-Marketing (Marketing)

BBS_3rd _ Foundations-of-Financial-System (Finance)

BBS_3rd_Organizational-Behavior (OB Old Course)

BBS 3rd Year Old is Gold Application

This Android Application (APP) Content all the subject and their Question of BBS 3rd year from 2054 to 2078/2079 with Old Question and Model Question.

Application Link:

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