BBS 1st Year Old is Gold – Question Bank 2077/2078

BBS Note Book BBS Question 2078 Old is Gold Question Bank

This is free app for all of you now you can fill all TU and PU Question of bbs 1st year from 2056 to 2077/2078 with more model question at one place.

All Question is base on TU and PU Exam . All Question are made by expert.

list of BBS 1st Year Subject and its question from exam 2056 to 2078 which is included in This app or old is gold

  • BBS_1st_Business-English
  • BBS_1st_Business-Statistics
  • BBS_1st_Microeconomis-for-Business
  • BBS_1st_Financial-Accounting-and-Analysis
  • BBS_1st_Principles-of-Management

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