3rd Year Exam Routine BBS and B.Sc. 2078/2079

4Yrs B.Sc. TU Routine

TU Publice Routine For BBS 3rd Year Exam 2078/2079, which is show here.

BBS 3rd Year Exam Routine 2078/2079

2078/12/28: Mgt.217 Business Environment & Strategic Management

2078/12/30: Mgt.204 Business Law

2079/01/04: Mgt.215 Fundamental of Financial Management

2079/01/06: Mgt.219 Organizational Behavior

2079/01/08: Mgt.218 Fundamentals of Taxation & Auditing

bbs 3rd year routine

B.Sc. 3rd year exam routine 2078/2079

2078/12/27: RM-305 Research Methodology

2078/12/29: Math- 303, Zoo-303 (Elective) /Mat. -303 

2079/01/02: Chem-301 (Compulsory), Stat-301

2079/01/05: Phy-301, Bot-301(Compulsory) 

2079/01/07: Mat-302, Geo-303 (Elective)/Math-302 

2079/01/09: Mat-301, Math-301, Zoo-301 (Compulsory) 

2079/01/11: Phy-304, Bot-303 (Elective) 

2079/01/12: Met-301, Geo-301 (Compulsory), Env-301 (Compulsory)

2079/01/13: Stat-303, MB-302, MB-304(Elective)

2079/01/14: Physics-305, Bot-304 (Elective) 

2079/01/15: Met-304, Chem-305(Elective)/ Env-303 (Elective)

2079/01/16: Met-303, Geo-304 (Elective), Env-304 (Elective) 

2079/01/17: MB-301(Compulsory), Stat-304 

2079/01/18: Chem-303 (Elective) 

2079/01/19: MB-303 (Elective) 

2079/01/20: Math- 304, Zoo-304 (Elective)/Mat.-304

bsc 3rd year routine

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